Award winner novelist Hatcher
writes a tender, heartwarming
story about the decisions we make
in life. Shorter in length than a regular novel, this is a quick read for anyone who's busy or on the go. Realistic issues and authentic emotions carry this story along. Many will connect with the
book's theme of goals, relationships
and personal reflection.

Carol Burke has two loves: music and her husband, Jonathan. After 18 months of marriage, life in Idaho is difficult as Carol struggles with loneliness while Jonathan works long hours at the family store. As her marriage falls into a routine of disappointments, Carol relies on her love of music to keep her going. When she is asked to help coordinate a Christmas fundraiser, she jumps at the chance to meet Travis Thompson, the most famous country singer around. This life-changing experience awakens dormant dreams of becoming a famous singer/musician. Torn between marriage and musical opportunities, Carol is driven to search for an answer. However, when God speaks, will Carol listen? (ZONDERVAN, Oct., 144 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes