For eighteen years Victoria Tory Bodeen has been haunted emotionally and psychically by the spirit of her best friend Hope Lavelle. One horrible night, eight-year-old Hope slipped out of her house to meet Tory, so they could play girl detectives. Only Torys abusive father beat her so badly she couldnt leave the house, which left Hope alone in the dark with a killer where she was raped and murdered. Blessed or cursed with psychic ability, Tory could see what was happening but was unable to stop it or recognize the killer.

Shortly thereafter, Torys family moved away. Now Tory is returning. No longer the poor abused daughter of white trash, she plans on opening her own art boutique. Tory has also returned to face the ghost of Hope. Hopes killer has never been caught and Tory fears that he has continued his murder spree.

Unlike his mother, Cade Lavelle has never held Tory responsible for Hopes death. The tragedy scarred the Lavelle family, especially Faith, Hopes twin sister. All too soon Torys fears about Hopes killer are realized when she discovers a pattern of unsolved deaths. Throughout the years, the killer has been targeting young women who would have been Hopes age, had she lived. Now Tory has returned and the killer is waiting.

After years of delivering one bestseller after another, it all boils down to the simple fact that Nora Roberts is a brilliant storyteller. Her books never disappoint. (Mar., 448 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith