Tess Haviland had almost forgotten about the carriage house by the ocean until the tax bill came. Unsure that she can afford to keep the house, she visits for a weekend. Memories of her parents before her mothers death has Tess want-ing to keep the house. It doesnt hurt that attractive Andrew Thorne lives next door with his young daughter and his reclusive cousin.

And then Tess discovers the skeleton. Of course, when she finally shares the information the skeleton is gone. She vacillates between believing the skeleton is from the distant past or that it has to do with Ike Grantham, the client who gave her the carriage house and who hasnt been seen in almost a year.

Although he is loathe to get involved, Andrew finds himself drawn to Tess and her problems. He had his own problems with Ike, but even that isnt enough to keep him away from the damsel in distress, especially when it becomes apparent that there are those determined to keep the truth hidden.

Ms. Neggars masterfully blends fun and excitement, which results in a page-turning read. (Feb., 384 pp. $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson