Despite his pending death, best selling author Morris Feldman is planning on having the last laugh in life. He can just picture the hoopla unleashed once his six ex-wives hear the reading of his will.

Danika Hilliard has been given a rare gift by her pen pal Morris Feldman. An aspiring author, she is stunned to discover that Morris has given her time to concentrate on her novel. For the next six months, Dani is to live in Morris' Florida villa and write. The catch is that she must share the house with another writer, ex-marine Silas Northrup. If by the end of the six months they have completed their novels, they will inherit the massive house.

For all the house's huge size, Dani still finds living with a stranger uncomfortable and irritating, as Silas insists on blaring his music at top volume. Dani is seriously unnerved when she starts seeing ghostly images of Morris within the house. Dani and Silas feel under siege when former wives and relatives of Morris start popping out of the woodwork. They all seem united in one effort: to search the house. What did Morris leave behind that could cause such a fuss? Silas and Dani decide to hold a seance to discover what Morris is trying to tell them. Can they find Morris' hidden treasure before his ex-wives and assorted relatives?

In her marvelous Avon single title debut, author Sue Civil-Brown (AKA Rachel Lee) creates a fabulous tale packed full of ghosts, psychics, romance, adventure and hidden treasure...what more could anyone ask for? Grab your copy quick! (Jan., 384 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith