The Happily Ever After Co. prides itself in finding the perfect mate for everyone, so when Mr. Braddock receives a letter from a governess (actually written by her employers fianci) and one from a widowed sea captain (actually written by his mother-in-law) he concludes that these unlikely candidates would be perfect for one another.

When her friend, Sarah, refuses to travel to the Caribbean to meet Captain Daniel McCullum, Erica Lane volunteers to go and ensure Sarahs happiness. Though engaged and seemingly in love with her fianci, Erica is looking for one last adventure, to be carried away before settling down, and she finds it on an enchanted island.

Daniel does not want a wife but Erica is both irritating and desirable. Each encounter becomes a clash of wills and soon a battle to keep their hands off each other. They quickly fall in love and become lovers. Yet, each is plagued by guilt; Erica because of her betrothal, and Daniel for betraying his wifes memory.

It is only after they return to New England and frightening new problems arise that Erica and Daniel realize where their hearts lie.

Though the cast of characters is unforgettable and the setting enchanting, Erica and Daniels continual internalizing of their guilt slows the pace in an otherwise humorous, vibrant and sensual romance. Kate Donovan continues to sparkle, however, and readers will be anticipating the final volume in this cleverly wrought series. SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin