The 11th novel in O'Shaughnessy's Nina Reilly series shines with unbridled suspense and riveting twists. Nina, now practicing in Lake Tahoe, agrees to take a civil case involving a pregnant woman's shooting death.

Two years ago, Sarah Hanna was shot to death in a robbery gone awry. As Nina searches for the witnesses to the crime, her simple case soon turns into a sinister web of intrigue. Nina and her teenage son, Bob, become the targets of a masked man who just might be Sarah's killer. As the killer claims more victims, the robbery becomes inextricably linked to one man's quest for a mathematical formula worth millions.

Nina is a memorable and likeable character, a principled attorney with plenty of moxie and a strong sense of justice. The mystery cleverly unfolds into a complex plot, with never a dull moment. Longtime readers of the series and newcomers alike will be glued to the pages of this gripping novel. (Jul., 400 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick