Lawyer and witch Abigail Gooden has a new client—Jurnik, a vampire and her mother's current beau. Through him she meets Lucan "Luc" Knight, a private investigator and shape shifter with very strong psi powers. Jurnik is suspected of murdering a dancer who worked at his club and was his former lover. He wants Abigail to defend him while Luc tries to find out who is trying to frame him.

Though Abby is drawn to Luc, she's unwilling to trust him because of a bad experience with a former boyfriend. With the backing of her friends and family, however, Luc is confident that he'll win her trust. When a dark witch seeks to destroy Abby and her mother and uncle, Luc and her friends are all drawn into the struggle. Is this possibly the same person who is framing Jurnik?

Michaels delivers two admirable mysteries in one. Though the hero and heroine's interaction is sometimes tedious, the story moves along at a nice pace. For those who love a story with a fairly overbearing alpha hero and interfering, rather manipulative, friends and family, this is the one for you. But those who expect a vampire story will be disappointed. (Dec. '04, 234 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley