Image of Casey (Buckhorn Brothers, Book 5)


Image of Casey (Buckhorn Brothers, Book 5)

Would you love a guy who is charming, helpful, emotionally perceptive, loves kids and dogs, gets along with his family and manages a career change gracefully? Oh, and he's tall and good-looking, too. That's Casey Hudson, the hero of Lori Foster's new novel, Casey.

Casey's love interest is Emma Clark, who left town in high school, fleeing her toxic parents and leaving behind a reputation as an easy conquest. In the years away from her small-town roots, Emma has found success, self-respect and a loving second family. Emma is believable in her fears and regrets and the strength she developed away from Buckhorn.

With writing that is non-intrusive, readable but not flashy, fans of Foster's more erotic novels will likely embrace the quite graphic love scenes in this read. Casey is a must-read stand-alone for any fan of the Buckhorn Brothers series. Sawyer, Gabe, Morgan and Jordan all make appearances, and there is a secondary romance tied in, too. If you enjoy straightforward contemporary romances, you are likely to fall in love with Casey Hudson. (Dec., 297 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kay Mayo