Chased from New York because she spurned a man, Cassandra McGregor flees with her two sisters and depressed father to a small Virginia town. Cassandra has the sight, and if she can keep her gift a secret from the townspeople, the family may find peace.

Scotsman Bruce McGregor has seen enough heartbreak in his life to justify the deep depression he falls into. He mourns the loss of his wife and two sons. His dependence upon his daughter and the fear that her talents will again be misinterpreted draw him deeper into himself.

Riley ORoarke, newspaper editor and very self-assured charmer, has set his sights on the unusual Cassandra, in spite of being pursued by her sister Brianna.

Just when it looks like the town will accept the family, dastardly Simeon appears and starts to enact his revenge upon the woman who ran away from his advances. His revenge is cruel and almost too unbelievable, even for this time period.

CASSANDRA is a quickly moving story, and a tale of honor and trust. Marie Ferrarella might do better, however, to avoid repetition in stressing her points throughout, since the reader has already gotten the idea the first time. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer