Cass Rakefield, the sassy little minx in Juliana, is transformed into a heroine in CASSANDRA. As a child she endured treachery and murder attempts. Now, to save her home, she has to confront the man who left her standing at the altar five years before.

Dustin Bennett is the lawyer appointed to determine how Cassandra's vast fortune is to be used. Ashamed by his past conduct, he yearns to win her trust and her love.

Between killer rustlers and deadly fires, a fianc who refuses to be rejected and the brutal truth of her childhood, the pair must face the man who has his own agenda to gain Cassandra's fortune.

Cassandra must surmount his admitted betrayal and allow Dustin to help, or her prideful denial will cost her more than she imagined.

In addition to a bracing new cast of characters, Ms. Skinner gives us a peek into Juliana's continuing story. Vibrant settings and a good, old-fashioned plot are made even better as Cassandra proves herself a star as a leading-lady. Sensual (Jan., 307 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black