Image of A Cast-Off Coven: A Witchcraft Mystery


Image of A Cast-Off Coven: A Witchcraft Mystery

If you like your mysteries with a side of spell-casting and demon vanquishing, you’ll enjoy the second title in Blackwell’s Witchcraft mysteries. Set in a vintage clothing store and starring a sensible and entertaining witch, this series will please paranormal fans.

Witch Lily Ivory runs a vintage clothing shop in San Francisco and has the ability to sense the otherworldly. When she is asked to check an arts school for the presence of an angry ghost, she stumbles upon the scene of a murder involving a wealthy patron of the school. Using her sleuthing skills, Lily uncovers clues to an old crime and its connection to the school’s storage closet, where a vengeful demon waits to be summoned. Can Lily stop the evil that lurks in the closet? Or will the murderer who walks the halls stop her permanently? (OBSIDIAN, Jun., 336 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin