Kelly and her friends unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of a domestic violence situation. Although the mystery plays out nicely, the ending lacks tension and urgency. The true draw of this series is the camaraderie between the characters who are so vibrant and connected that they stay with readers long after the story has ended.

Summer is fading and Kelly and her friends are preparing for Megan and Marty’s upcoming wedding. A local seamstress, Zoe Yeager, is creating the bridesmaid’s dresses. Kelly notices bruises on Zoe’s face and later learns that her husband is physically abusive. Soon after Zoe decides to leave him, she is shot dead. Her husband is the prime suspect, but Kelly learns there are at least two other suspects with reasons to want Zoe dead. One is her own sister and the other is a competing seamstress in town. Can Kelly unravel the mystery before it becomes a tangled mess and ruins Megan’s wedding day? (PRIME CRIME, Jun., 304 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin