When we last left Private Kaylin Neya she had barely survived the journey to the lands of the West March, where she is to hear a Barrani Regalia. Über-awesome Sagara picks up the intense action right where she left off and, predictably, things are not going well. Longtime fans get a major payoff as Teela’s backstory is more fully explored. While Kaylin is the heart of this amazing series, the terrific secondary characters keep the story moving. An autobuy for sure!

Kaylin continues to wonder why it is so important to Barrani Lord Nightshade that she listen to the Regalia. When Kaylin was chosen by the Heart of the Green to be the “harmoniste” who helps tell the truth behind the tale and he the “Teller,” her suspicions rose. However, more important to Kaylin is the effect this recitation may have on her friend and fellow Hawk, Teela. Centuries before, 12 Barrani children listened to a Regalia and disaster struck, with Teela being the only child to stay “unchanged.” That was the beginning of the story and now it will be up to Kaylin to help finish it — if she survives. (LUNA, Sep., 384 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith