The unthinkable has happened: Jack the Ripper has escaped in Paris and surely, he will strike again.

American adventuress and sleuth Irene Adler caught the Ripper once before, and she's determined to do so again. But now, her nearest and dearest are mysteriously missing—her companion Nell Huxleigh, abducted in Paris and her barrister husband, Godfrey Norton, vanished in the wilds of Bohemia. Irene's other friends, who range from the divine Sarah Bernhardt to HRH Bertie, the Prince of Wales, can offer comfort and money, but no real support.

Help comes in the unusual form of an American prostitute named Pink, and Bram Stoker, who will later create Dracula. They follow a bloody trail stretching back to Bohemia in pursuit of the Ripper.

CASTLE ROUGE is a breathtaking work of depth and quality. Never has Irene been so fascinating or determined, and never has she found herself in a situation to match this one. This is a sumptuous read! (Sep., 544 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg