Image of Castle of the Wolf


Image of Castle of the Wolf

With its paranormal/gothic twist, Schwab's second tantalizing romance
is ideal for a dark night or a rainy afternoon. She creates the atmosphere of a grown-up fairy tale, complete with a determined heroine, a dark, beastly hero, wicked in-laws and the magic
of the stones that surround the castle. Though there are few surprises -- you know who the villain is -- you'll fall in love with the castle and its enchanting gargoyles.

Her father's death leaves Celia with the choice of living with her brother and cruel sister-in-law or setting out to claim her inheritance, Castle Wolfenbach, deep in the Black Forest. There is one condition to her inheritance: She must marry the present master of the castle, Fenris von Wolfenbach.

Fen, hostile, bitter and crippled during the Napoleonic war, lives in solitude, refusing to believe he is worthy of love. Then Celia enters his world, bringing light and desire back. Even his handsome brother and rumors of a treasure hoard cannot deter her from loving the passionate man beneath the cold exterior. She will not give up on Fen or the prospect of happiness. (Love Spell, May, 300 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin