This magical, imaginative trilogy by Litton continues as Atreus, chosen leader of Ankora, arrives in England for political reasons, and to secretly win the heart of Brianna, a healer and the woman he is destined to marry.

Brianna remembers little of her life before she was adopted by an Ankoran family. She longs to know more about her true heritage and travels to England to uncover her past.

Atreus is an Ankoran alpha male who knows Brianna is the woman for him. Did she not appear to him in a vision during his sacred ritual? Somehow he must find a way to bring her back to Ankora. But the rebels who've threatened his power are still at large; closer than he knows. Even more dangerous to Brianna's happiness is the dark secret he carries about the day her parents died.

Fans of the series will be more than satisfied with this latest edition to the saga. Atreus is a strong, handsome, powerful and unrelenting man who is more medieval warrior than Regency hero. That contradiction is part of the strong appeal of this otherwise typical Regency-era romance. CASTLES IN THE MIST sets the stage for books about the second generation. SENSUAL (Nov., 309 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin