Kansas banker Gayle Tyson is enjoying a Las Vegas vacation with friends when she becomes mesmerized by Baccarat Referee Solitaire Smith. She spends night after night at the same nickel slot machine, dropping in her coins as she watches him. Smith cant help but be aware of Gayle but he pays her no heed.

Eventually Smith and Gayle do meet and have a romantic interlude, one that leaves Gayle feeling shamed. She returns to her hotel, emotionally wrecked, only to be assaulted by two men demanding to know Smiths whereabouts. While Gayle is rescued before she betrays Smith, she does tell him of the encounter. Before you can blink an eye, Gayle finds herself in the desert with him, hiding from his past and the dangers that follow him.

Hold on to your hats as the incomparable Carole Nelson Douglas brings us a tale of danger and passion in THE CAT AND THE JACK OF SPADES. Sexual tension runs high as Gayle Tyson has the adventure of a lifetime. And the charming Midnight Louie appears briefly, to the delight of all. (Nov., 224 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg