Five Star continues the republication of Midnight Louies landmark first quartet of books with the piquant tale of a staid English professor who succumbs to the charms of a Las Vegas showgirl.

What Darcy McGill really wants to be is a writer. What she is is a dancer. Taking a writing course at University of Nevada at Las Vegas might be her ticket to the literary world, especially with the gentle encouragement of her handsome instructor.

Stevenson Eliot Austen has lived all of his life in Las Vegas without sampling the night life so attractive to tourists. Still, when his star pupil turns shy about her writing, he decides that he must make the sacrifice and try to persuade her twin sister Sirene, an exotic casino dancer, to stop intimidating her more reclusive sister.

Nothing, however, goes as he has planned. For one thing, theres just so much of Sirene, and all of it gorgeous. Thats certainly what a former suitor thinks as he plans to abduct the lady. And suddenly Stevenson finds himself on the horns of a dilemma. Who does he really love, Darcy or Sirene?

For sheer reading pleasure, theres nothing to beat another sparkling gem of a book lovingly restored by one of fictions greatest storytellers. Always ahead of her time, the ever-ingenious Carole Nelson Douglas wins our wholehearted appreciation with this cleverly written tale. (Dec., 246 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer