Midnight Louie is on the loose again in paperback, keeping the streets of Las Vegas safe from thieves, murderers and villains of the canine persuasion.

After the devastating finale of Cat on a Blue Monday, publicist Temple Barr and her friend Matt Devine are cautiously considering the possibilities of a non-platonic relationship. While Matt investigates a few loose ends that cause him to scrutinize some events in his past, Temple looks forward to working on a skit for the annual Vegas Gridiron show.

And Louie? That suave cool cat, afraid of no one and nothing, is skulking in the background, terrified that Midnight Louise, the feisty new kid on the block, will discover the true identity of the worthless churl of a sire who treated her mother to a one-night stand. Not even the cherished carp in the pool on the grounds of the Crystal Phoenix Hotel and Casino can raise his spirits.

Between the Gridiron and her current project to invent a new family image for the Crystal Phoenix, Temple has little time to keep track of Louie until murder most foul intervenes. And before the case is closed, a series of startling revelations will leave Temple poised on the edge of a dilemma not even Midnight Louie can solve.

Already an established literary star, Midnight Louie outdoes himself in his new frolic, leaving us begging and pleading for more. Brimming with a wicked, absolutely irresistible wit, this romantic puzzler is the cat's meow! (June, 389 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer