That old black magic that Carole Nelson Douglas weaves so well, Midnight Louie by name, is better than ever this June with the hardcover publication of this splendid cat caper.

What's a girl to do when her erstwhile lover of days past reappears in the proverbial puff of smoke?  Not only is the Mystifying Max back, he wants to know what is going on between Temple and hotline counselor Matt Devine, as well as why she seems to be constantly tangled up in murder?

Accepting the offer of a friend to hide out at a big romance convention,she ruthlessly concentrates on winning a highly prized pair of designer pumps until, of course, she just happens to witness the death of a handsome cover hunk as he rehearses his role in the convention pageant.

Meanwhile, Midnight Louie has problems of his own. The Divine Yvette is back in town to make a series of commercials with the awful Maurice. How can he prevent this boorish dude from taking advantage of his lady?

Once again both Temple and Louie are up to their eyebrows in murder, and this time it might just hit too close to home.

The infinitely clever Ms. Douglas dishes up another delight full of wit, emotion and nail-biting suspense. "Must
 reading for connoisseurs of fine fiction! (June, 416 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer