Life in Las Vegas is always spent in the fast lane, even if youre a cat, and Midnight Louie and his human companion, Temple Barr, are always in the thick of things.

Osiris, a leopard belonging to an offbeat magician, is missing, causing quite a stir. When Osiris is finally found, he is accompanied by a corpse and it looks as if the mans life ended at the claws of the big cat.

For Louie, this is too much; he knows something is definitely foul, especially since the cat had originally been kidnapped. Temple and her buddies agree. As it turns out, theyre right, for the lost-and-found leopard is only part of a scam that includes illegal hunting on wild animal farms. As Temple works to get the goods on the people responsible, Louie must clear Osiris name, keep Temple out of trouble, and even clear his own good name in a kitty slander suit!

Carole Nelson Douglas spins a sparkling story in CAT IN A LEOPARD SPOT. As always, characterization is strong and the mystery delights, but Ms. Douglas also touches our hearts with the story of Osiris. (Apr., 384 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg