Temple Barr is convinced that there have been more murders than usual in Las Vegas and decides to look into the death of a stripper and find out if it's connected to other recent slayings. Her housemate, the cat Midnight Louie (whose mom, Ma Barker, considers that her little boy "Grasshopper" is in a mixed marriage), is also sure there's something rotten in the state of Nevada.

Temple and Louie's instincts lead them to Synth, an underground group of magicians who may be causing murderous havoc. Temple is sternly warned by her police officer friend, C.J.Molina, to stay out of trouble and avoid Synth.

These are things Temple can't do, especially since the killer may very well be someone from either Temple's or C.J.'s life. But never fear—as the case grows more grim, Midnight Louie, with help from daughter Midnight Louise, will come through.

The inimitable Carole Nelson Douglas strikes again! CAT IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR is sheer delight, a strong, fun story made even more appealing by Midnight Louie and company. For people just starting this series, Ms. Douglas also does a fine job of explaining the connections between all characters. (May, 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg