Midnight Louie, Vegas' sassiest feline P.I., is back and ready to help his female roommate Temple Barr navigate a murder mystery that threatens not only her career but also her life.

For once, things appear to be running smoothly for Temple. She's set to do P.R. for the opening of a Russian artifact exhibition, which could really make her career. Suddenly, however, she finds out that her venue has been double-booked, and things quickly go from bad to worse when one dead body, and then another, followed by the disappearance of a rare scepter not only jeopardize her job but also Temple herself. It's up to Louie -- and friends -- to help Temple save the day.

This is a charming book. Midnight Louie is a feline anyone would love to have in their lives. Similarly, his sidekick, Temple, is a feisty, attractive and sympathetic heroine. Unfortunately, because Louie's narration is so articulate and funny, the story suffers when he's not at the helm, because the mystery at hand is not nearly as interesting as Louie's literary conversations with the reader. (Jul., 384 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider