In this long-running series (this is the 20th book), written by the prolific and genre-varied Douglas, the most engaging character is Midnight Louie, a cat who helps
his mistress, PR person Temple Barr, with assorted mysteries and personal situations. Stretching perhaps into cozy noir, this installment has a large cast, so fortunately there's a first chapter by Louie that helps newcomers get acclimated (although it would probably be better to start from an earlier book). These books can only be described as wacky, extremely fast paced and funny. If a detective cat in a cozy is your thing, Douglas does it best.

Temple's novelist aunt is marrying an ex-mobster in Las Vegas. At the bachelor party, the wedding party is hijacked and taken out into the desert to a "chicken farm," where the girls are wild and one of them is dead. Will Louie solve the mystery? Will the wedding take place? Will the mystery of Temple's missing boyfriend be solved, and will she marry the new man in her life? Trust the cat. He's the most sensible one of the bunch. (FORGE, Sep., 400 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor