Former Philadelphia chef Gwen Fletcher is about to become the most popular person in Misty Harbor, Maine-and her skills in the kitchen have little to do with it. Misty Harbor is having trouble keeping their young women; they go off to college and rarely return, leaving Misty Harbor with a female shortage. The discovery that Gwen is opening a restaurant there and that she is single becomes big news.

Senior citizens Jonah Creighton and Clarence McCord convince Gwen to allow them to be the taste testers for her prospective new menu. Jonah's grandson Daniel, a gifted carpenter, is hired to pull her new restaurant, "Catch of the Day," together.

Jilted by another woman years earlier, Daniel is wary of emotional entanglements, and Gwen has no interest in marriage, only in opening her restaurant. But as the newest single woman in town, a line of men is forming at her door. In desperation, Gwen allows a local gossip to pair her up with Daniel. Now, the only trouble is that she wishes it were true.

This warm-hearted tale is a truly delightful, exceptional read. Ms. Evanick brings her characters and their town vividly to life. Add this book to your must-read list! (Feb., 349 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith