Image of Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water)


Image of Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water)

Jakes’ first in the brand-new Hell or High Water series is jam-packed with suspense, romance and a gripping mystery that readers, especially fans of m/m, will be racing to solve before the big finish. It may take a little time to decipher the heroes’ personalities, as they are quite enigmatic, but it won’t put a damper on the entire thrust of the story. There are also numerous characters introduced, and it tends to get confusing when trying to focus on who readers should remember or dismiss for the next installment.

Former Navy SEAL and loner Prophet isn’t thrilled when he learns his boss at Extreme Escapes has assigned him a partner. Pessimistic ex-FBI agent Tom Boudreaux still can’t accept that he’s been offered this position, since he has failed one too many times prior. Now that these two broken bad boys are working together, they must defeat killers involved in an underground cage fighting ring. Can they escape their ghosts and ignore their fiery attraction, or is it already too late? (RIPTIDE, Sep., 258 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi