Caroline Trent must find a way to avoid her greedy guardian for six weeks, until she reaches the age of 21, when she can claim her inheritance. Mistaking her for a notorious French spy, Blake Ravenscroft captures her as she flees her home, heading for safety.

Blake is set on finding and interrogating Carlotta de Leon, but when he brings his captive to the manor house, he wonders just what he has gotten into. Caroline believes that by keeping up the ruse, she can successfully hide from her guardian...but keeping Blake off guard is another story.

Once he discovers he's got the wrong woman, Blake must decide what to do with the irritating, headstrong chit. He's already beginning to fall in love and Caroline finds her captor all the man she could desire.

Still, a spy on the loose, a war with Napoleon, a scheming guardian and plenty of adventure await this pair of lovers on the road to destiny.

Ms. Quinn writes a delightfully fast-paced, funny, sparkling and bright romance that will give you a very enjoyable evening's read and pleasant dreams. SENSUAL (July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin