For the third outing in this wonderfully offbeat mystery series, Lovelace has Samantha’s past and present romantic interests colliding. As with the previous two books, the pacing is brisk and the action and humor combine into a wonderfully tasty blend. Lovelace is on a major roll!

While testing a Snoopy SNFIR (a type of robot), Samantha and Staff Sergeant Noel Cassidy run into a contract killer at a local bar. Snoopy, on the hunt for dead organic matter, discovers three severed heads, which leads to a shootout. The fallout from this little escapade gives Samantha unwanted press attention, especially when it is mentioned that she might get a large reward for stopping the killer. Then Samantha’s ex-husband arrives in town needing money to pay off the mob. However, it is the past of Samantha’s new flame, border patrol officer Jeff Mitchell, that may put her in the most serious danger. (PRIME CRIME, Jan., 240 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith