Having a charming ex-master thief for a father is a burden that special effects wizard Jazz Taylor has endured all her life. Jazz has spent a great deal of time trying to keep her father Myles at a distance, so when she hears his voice on the phone, she knows it must mean trouble. Sure enough, Myles is the prime suspect in a recent robbery of the High Museum. Myles, however, insists that he is innocent, but he clearly knows more than he is telling.

Atlanta police detective Tony Sinclair is after the notorious Myles Taylor for two reasons, the first being his possible involvement in the museum heist. The second reason is because Myles has apparently seduced Tonys wealthy Aunt Ellen into an engagement.

Despite her best instincts, Jazz does her best to protect her father from being arrested and is caught by Det. Sinclair. However, Tony reluctantly lets Jazz goeven though she is now an accomplice so that she may try and prove Myless innocence. Tony is soon regretting his choice for now he has to keep Jazz from getting in over her head with some very nasty syndicate types.

Funny, charming, witty and exciting, TO CATCH A KISS is one highly amusing romp. (Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith