Image of Catch Me


Image of Catch Me

Gardner’s complex, twisty plots keep readers guessing as she continues the evolution of Boston detective D.D. Warren. New mother D.D. must juggle work and the demands of her infant son, while trying to unravel a puzzling case. When it comes to layered drama and suspense encased in byzantine plotlines, no one does it better!

Just back from maternity leave for the birth of her son Jack, D.D. meets Charlene “Charlie” Grant on a murder scene. Charlie wants D.D. to investigate her murder, which she expects will happen in four days. Two of her best friends were murdered on January 21 one year apart, and with the date just days away, Charlie expects to be next. D.D. is busy on another case, but she checks out Charlie’s story and finds it could be true. Charlie doesn’t plan to go down easy, and as the clock ticks, she makes choices and decisions that may haunt her. (DUTTON, Feb., 468 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith