Image of To Catch a Rogue


Image of To Catch a Rogue

There are numerous aspects of the Regency that intrigue readers. McCabe bases her fast-paced tale on the aristocracy's fascination with ancient artifacts. It is the exciting plot, tinged with thievery and mystery, that holds the story together, not the characters or
a romantic conflict.

Calliope Chase and her sisters were all named for Greek muses and inherited their parents' passion for antiquities, but few know to what lengths they will go to protect the artifacts. When a thief, known as the Lily, steals select artifacts right under the owners' noses, Calliope decides to catch the bandit in action. She suspects Cameron, Lord Westwood, but once she gets involved with him on a hunt to see a famous acquisition, she realizes he couldn't be the Lily. Her investigation proceeds from London to a medieval castle as Calliope and Cameron rescue her sister, locate the artifact, unmask the thief and along the way find a life-long love. (HARLEQUIN, Apr., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin