After years of dreaming of her London debut, the beautiful Miss Allison Munroe decides that it is all dull without her childhood companion and sometime nemesis, Geoffrey Pentercast. When he arrives on her doorstep, she is ecstatic until he rashly declares his love.

How is she to feel about Geoffrey now? Does love strike swiftly, or does it grow from mutual esteem? And what about the sophisticated marquis who pays her court with the full endorsement of her mother?

Refusing to commit herself to either suitor, she decides to get to know the marquis better. Meanwhile, determined to do everything possible to win his lady fair, Geoffrey is faced with the daunting task of turning himself into the suave gentleman his love seems to want.

Although the developmental logic does not always bear close scrutiny and the heroines feelings seem wishy-washy, Ms. Scott leavens her tale with entertaining flashes of humor. Three cheers for the ferret! (Nov., 219 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer