Even readers not especially devoted to the paranormal will appreciate the superb storytelling in Krinard's latest. Set in 1880s Denver, this story of two people breaking free of society's imposed limits and their own self-doubt is compellingly told.

Athena Munroe and Morgan Holt are instantly—and mysteriously—attracted to each other despite having nothing in common. Athena is wealthy, pampered and physically crippled from an accident, whereas Morgan is the physically strong but emotionally crippled "Wolf Man" in a small traveling circus. The two meet when Athena hires the circus for a charity performance and they learn of their shared werewolf heritage. Sparks fly—and not just between Athena and Morgan.

Krinard uses strong dialogue and a wealth of detail to flesh out her characters and weave together the stories of Athena and Morgan; Athena's remote, guilt-ridden brother; her scheming friend, Cecelia; and the various troupers in the circus. Each character's role in the story is clearly drawn, and each scene richly paves the way for an explosive, satisfying conclusion. (Sep., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter