Saved as a child from plague-stricken England by shape-shifting immortals known as upyrs, Gillian has been raised in the dark Scottish caves. Yet she has always longed for more learning, more excitement and more of the outside world.

Finally Gillian seizes her chance to flee by shifting into the body of a falcon. As the falcon, Gillian is "caught" by Aimery Fitz Clare, a battle-scarred second son. Stunned by their overwhelming sexual attraction, the two quickly become lovers, arousing Aimery's sister-in-law's jealousy.

But the lovers have other problems as well. When Gillian discovers that the sultry ruler of the vampires has come to the civilized world, she will need all her mortal love and immortal powers to save Aimery from a vicious enemy.

CATCHING MIDNIGHT is a marvelous paranormal novel. Emma Holly has created a culture, history and lifestyle for her upyrs. I was captivated by them and fascinated by their mystical—and earthly—powers. There are powerful erotic romance overtones, as well as a few kinky moments that will fulfill readers' desires for Holly's signature erotic love stories. Overall, this is a highly imaginative, creative romance of mortals and immortals, ˆ la Donna Boyd and Alice Borchardt. VERY SENSUAL (May, 300 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin