This beautifully written and extremely poetic novel is told from multiple viewpoints. The descriptions of people and places in this novel will transport readers back to Mississippi during the 1920s. Full of tales of courage and endurance that may bring you to tears with their intensity, this is not a novel you’ll soon forget.

Roxanne Reeves is the director of the Pilgrimage Tour of Antebellum Homes in Clarksville, Miss. A white woman with high social status, Roxanne is a little hesitant when she is asked to research the town’s African-American history. Elderly and retired black schoolteacher Grace Clark has lived in Clarksville her entire life and will help Roxanne with her task. Not only does Grace give Roxanne a thorough history, but her personal stories about her experiences in Clarksville throughout the years cause Roxanne to view racism — and people — differently, opening up her life to unexpected realizations and dreams. (NAL, Apr., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun