In Bad Boy Next Exit and Jingle Bell Rock, Kauffman introduced readers to Austin and Jace Morgan. Now, in Catch Me If You Can, it's brother Tag's turn to get into the most delicious trouble.

All brainy anthropologist Tag wants is to settle his father's estate so that he can get back to cataloguing his Mayan ruins. But then his father leaves him a castle in Scotland. After leafing through correspondence with the property's overseer, Maura Sinclair, Tag knows he's going to Scotland to find the woman whose words have captivated him.

Maura can't believe she's just slept with a total stranger in the back seat of a car. She doesn't think things can get any crazier than having sex in a snowstorm—until the stranger shows up on her doorstep claiming to own the very castle she calls home. No matter how great the sex was, Maura has no intention of giving up her home without a fight.

Kauffman pens a passionate tale where characters learn to trust with their hearts and live for the moment. This is a sexy story readers won't want to miss. (Jul., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik