Catherine and Royce Markham's parents died when they were very young. Since Royce is twelve years older than Catherine, he was able to retain custody as Catherine and raise her. Their relationship grew to the point that they were best friends as well as family. When Catherine is told by her uncle that Royce is dead, she doesn't believe it.

She has a gut feeling that he is still alive, and she is proven right when a ransom note is sent. Catherine must bring 50 gold pieces to a far away place to get Royce back. To get her there, she enlists the help of Derrick St. John, Royce's best friend. He agrees to help her, never expecting to fall in love. Now they must battle the sea, pirates and their raging feelings.

CATHERINE AND THE PIRATE, written with intelligence, is a wonderful book for teenagers. Catherine is also a great role model. She is strong and does not allow anyone, even someone she loves, to tell her what to do. She fights her own battles and refuses to be a damsel in distress. This book is so well-written even adults will enjoy reading it. (Sep., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer