Jeanette Baker is rapidly proving herself one of the shining talents of the paranormal genre. CATRIONA is an outstanding blend of past and present that makes for inspiring and irresistible reading!

Until her mother's death, Kate Sutherland had no clue she was adopted. Her mother's last wish was that her ashes be scattered on the Shetland Islands, where she and Kate were born. Fate seems to be pulling some very long strings, for Kate is told by Celia Ward, a practitioner of Wicca, that the answers to her questions lie with a woman named Maura Sutherland on Cait Ness Isle.

Maura is a high priestess of Pectiwita, the ancient religion of the Shetlands. Maura has always known that one day Kate would return. From the moment she reaches Scotland, Kate has visions of a woman bearing her own face. With the help of historian Niall MacCormack, Kate learns that the woman is Catriona Wells, the first Countess of Bothwell.

Through her visions, Kate learns that Catriona was cousin to King James IV and deeply involved in the struggle over the thrones of both England and Scotland. Accused of treason while trying to save her beloved young brother, Catriona's fate may lie in the hands of Patrick MacKendrick, one of the most powerful men in Scotland.

Unresolved tragedy from Catriona's life continues to haunt modern-day Kate. Only by unlocking the past can Kate hope to fulfill her future.

(June, 375 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith