Despite having spent all of her three years as a cat, Maggie knows she is somehow different and desperately yearns to love, and be loved, by her owner, the very human Nicholas Goodman. Old Tom, a wise and magical cat, tells Maggie that he can grant her hearts desire, but only under certain conditions. First, while shes in human form, she cannot tell Nicholas the truth. Second, she only has until Halloween, one week away, to get Nicholas to verbally state that he loves her. And finally, shell only be in human form during the nighttime hours. Without a second thought, Maggie the cat quickly agrees.

Attorney Nicholas Goodman should be extremely happyhe has a lucrative job and is engaged to Angela Palmer, the daughter of his firms biggest client. But Nicholas still feels vaguely dissatisfied. The only two creatures hes sure he loves are his sister Deena and his black cat Maggie.

Nicholass world is turned upside down the day he opens his door to a beautiful, nude, black-haired woman. A bemused Nicholas leaves the strange woman in his house and flees to visit his best friend Hoop, a P.I.

And when Maggie explains to Deena, in halting English, that shes in love with Nick, she too signs on as co-conspirator.

While Maggie has allies in Hoop and Deena, she has a lot of handicaps as well. Turning back into her feline form during the day is causing a lot of complications. Time is of the essence; can Maggie make Nicholas see the truth about his heart?

A charming and magical premise makes this unusual book quite an appealing read. (Aug., 391 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith