Image of The Cat's Meow


Image of The Cat's Meow

In an offshoot of Carmichael's extremely funny series featuring Miss Piggy the dog, Titi the cat takes center stage and makes it her own. This is another laugh-out-loud romp!

Tough defense attorney Mckenna Wright has a well-deserved reputation for chewing up the opposition. She's currently working on the case of a country music star accused of dealing cocaine, and her opponent is hunky prosecutor Tom Markham. Then tragedy strikes. After a car accident, Mckenna is stricken with a serious case of amnesia. Not only can't she remember who she is, she can't remember the law.

When her law firm unceremoniously dumps her, Mckenna has to scramble to find a new job. While friends try to help, surprisingly it is Mckenna's cat, Titi, that provides most of the counseling. One weird side effect to her amnesia is that Mckenna can understand and converse with Titi.

Friends assure Mckenna that her memories will return, but someone out there doesn't want that to happen. Well, a feisty feline named Titi is not going to take any attacks lying down!

(Nov., 434 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith