Image of The Cattleman's Special Delivery


Image of The Cattleman's Special Delivery
THE CATTLEMAN’S SPECIAL DELIVERY (3) by Barbara Hannay: At eight months pregnant, tragedy strikes for Jess Cassidy, who goes into labor when her husband crashes into a ditch after hitting a stray kangaroo in the Australian outback. Cattleman Reece Weston hears her cries for help and rushes to the scene to assist the couple. His world will never be the same once he brings her up the road to his home and delivers her baby girl while her husband lies lifeless in the car wreckage. Now widowed, she returns home as a single parent, but Jess stays in touch with her guardian angel, Reece. Their paths happen to cross again and again. Magnetically drawn together, their hearts are put to the test as emotional risks are pushed to the limit. The relationship unfolds slowly between the main characters in this enjoyable read, although the story feels a bit rushed to reach the ending.
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Jaime A. Geraldi