It was a headline guaranteed to make any journalist salivate, though city editor Jessie Rhodes fears that "Copulating Cops: Your Tax Dollar at Work" may be fictitious. A disk with incriminating pictures falls into The Star-News' hands and despite Jessie's objections, her boss insists they run the story. Jessie suspects that something is afoot when her car brake line is cut and she crashes into a tree.

Prize-winning investigative reporter Clay Christopher has been semiretired since the tragic death of his wife. Jessie's accident in his front yard is the first event to penetrate Clay's solitude in quite a while. Clay becomes even more interested when his old boss at The New York Times asks him to follow up on the rumors that The Star-News' story is bogus.

When witnesses suddenly start turning up dead, Clay and Jessie become even more determined to uncover the truth behind the apparent lies. Unfortunately, it seems that whomever is orchestrating these events is always one step ahead.

Lamb is back with another tale of murder, treachery and intrigue. Untangling this web of deceit makes for good suspense reading. (Aug., 329 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith