When Scott Richmond returns home early from a charity event, he finds 17-year-old Chrissie Dreyfuss, the daughter of his late father's former valet, robbing him blind. Ever the nice guy, Scott gallantly helps her get away, planning to retrieve the items the next day.

But her sister, Nicole, refuses Scott's help—he once attempted to pay off her family after his father's botched business efforts led to mass layoffs—and promptly returns the stolen tchotchkes. Chrissie, however, already disposed of his mother's jewelry, creating more than a few problems.

Discovering that his mother's jewels are not originals has put Scott in a pickle: He must find out what happened before his mother is arrested for insurance fraud. He presents his case to Nicole and asks for her help. So starts a comedy of crossed wires as they work to discover who has what jewelry and find ways to make the exchanges.

A humorous romance with serious undertones, Caught in the Act verges on slapstick without meandering into the land of the silly. Getting to know Scott—a secondary character in My Favorite Husband—as a caring, intelligent man, and matching him up with an intelligent heroine, makes this a thoroughly entertaining story. (Mar., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley