Image of Caught in the Billionaire's Embrace


Image of Caught in the Billionaire's Embrace

CAUGHT IN THE BILLIONAIRE’S EMBRACE (3) by Elizabeth Bevarly: For her 30th birthday, Della Hannan enjoys dinner at an exclusive restaurant, a trip to the opera and then a stop at an exclusive club for drinks — and at each place she runs into Marcus Fallon, playboy silver-spooner. They spend a passionate night together, but Della flees in the morning. Since they only exchanged first names, Marcus isn’t sure how to go about finding her. That’s not going to stop him from pulling out all the stops to find her — even if it does put her in a dangerous situation. With a little more communication, this could have been a really great story but fortunately it’s saved from a crash and burn by the stunning climactic revelations.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper