Image of Caught Up in You (A Loving on the Edge Novel)


Image of Caught Up in You (A Loving on the Edge Novel)

With BDSM it can be difficult to write a book that is both sexy and emotional, but Loren delivers. The characters have very big flaws that make them even more likable, and the heat level is off the charts — with plenty of different scenes to mix things up. What really sets this story apart is the emotional connection between the characters. As they both heal from their pasts, they grow together as a couple. It is fun to watch as they fight the connection and try to focus on the physical. This conflict makes the dialogue pop.

aitress Kelsey LeBreck has been having dirty thoughts about customer Wyatt for a while now but can’t see how a rich, successful man would be interested in her. She used to be a stripper and drug addict and now, to save money for culinary school, she moonlights as a dominatrix at a private BDSM resort. Wyatt doesn’t have time for dating, but when he needs a date for an important business retreat he can only think of Kelsey. Wyatt turned away from the BDSM scene after a bad experience with a sub, but he can’t say no to training Kelsey. (BERKLEY, Aug., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak