Image of Cavanaugh on Duty


Image of Cavanaugh on Duty
CAVANAUGH ON DUTY (4) by Marie Ferrarella: Detective Esteban Fernandez is a man on a mission, seeking revenge for the death of his mother and brother at the hands of a drug cartel. Undercover for three years, he is taken off assignment after he’s exposed as a detective. Now partnered with Detective Kari Cavanaugh, he is less than pleased, but Kari is determined to get him to come around to the idea of being a part of a group of detectives again. An attraction flares between them, and Esteban’s cold, closed-off persona starts to melt away the more time he spends with Kari. Concise, crisp storytelling combines with sympathetic, genuine characters for an entertaining, heartwarming read.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates