Image of Cavanaugh Undercover (Cavanaugh Justice Book 27)


Image of Cavanaugh Undercover (Cavanaugh Justice Book 27)

CAVANAUGH UNDERCOVER (4.5) by Marie Ferrarella: Ex-DEA agent Brennan Cavanaugh’s life has changed. He has recently met a side of his family he never knew existed and now has a different job. As a detective assigned to a sex-trafficking case that puts him undercover again, Brennan finds renewed purpose. While working the case, he meets San Francisco CSI detective Tiana Drummond, who is searching for her missing sister. Brennan is drawn to Tiana, but after years of being abused by her father, she doesn’t trust men. Yet, when she’s with Brennan she finds her walls coming down. Ferrarella’s latest Cavanaugh series title has an appealing hero, and the attraction between Brennan and Tiana, though laced with tension, sizzles. Expert storytelling coupled with an engaging plot makes this an excellent read.

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates