Image of Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor (Medical #481)


Image of Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor (Medical #481)

CEDAR BLUFF’S MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR (4) by Laura Iding: Cedar Bluff is very different from the big city. Nurse Hailey Rogers is happy that she has time to get to know her patients and become part of the community. However, what she is really interested in is getting to know a certain doctor better. Dr. Simon Carter absolutely refuses to consider dating a nurse since his previous disastrous relationship with a co-worker. But when Hailey is in an accident, Simon is there to help her and the two become very close. However, their pasts have a nasty way of catching up with them and if they aren’t careful the continuing “accidents” both suffer are going to land the doctor and nurse in the emergency room. This story is one about overcoming heartbreak and loss and how time can heal all wounds – most importantly the emotional scars that are so well hidden. Iding delivers a sweet tale with just a bit of suspense that will keep the reader interested through the last page. 

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Dawn Crowne