Jamie D. Lane is the pop-star darling of the world, but his money and talent can't heal his dying mother. After her death, Jamie changes his appearance and ducks out of the public eye to take her ashes to her childhood home of Riverdale, Washington. All he wants is some space to find whatever it is he's looking for.

A stray dog, a monastery and Anne, a lovely junior high school teacher, hand him as many questions as answers. Anne struggles with the affects of a traumatic brain injury and anger at the drunk driver who caused the accident.

The new guy in town seems to find her attractive anyway. His faith in her restores her self-confidence, but unless he learns to have faith in God, she can't let him have her heart.

Elmer's gift for creating realistic characters with heartfelt needs and problems rescues this jaded-celebrity-hiding-from-the-world scenario from old-hatsville. (Jan., 304 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson