Image of Celluloid Memories (Arabesque)


Image of Celluloid Memories (Arabesque)

Kitt's novel has a grace and depth that will draw readers in. Savannah is like an elegant leading lady of olden days, able to stand on her own, yet willing to accept the support of others. McCoy is a distinguished, charismatic leading
man who's sure to sweep readers off
their feet. However, while the characters are perfection and the plot is interesting, the book ends abruptly, leaving a great story without the necessary wrap-up.

When Savannah Shelton
travels to Los Angeles to care for
her dying father, she never dreamed that La La Land could become a place to call home. Having spent most of
her life blaming the city and the film industry for stealing her dad away,
she has a definite bias against the metropolis.

But when her father dies and
she realizes what an impact he has
made on other African-Americans
trying to make it in the entertainment industry, she sees that L.A. was her father's dream, one he had to go for. Helping her make this realization are the good friends she meets and McCoy Sutton, a man who's drawn to her independence and grace. (Kimani/Arabesque, Jul., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Aisha Cargile